"The Ween Coloring Book was not made with the intention of being merchandise. It was meant as a love letter and an elaborate expression of appreciation and gratitude to the greatest band on God’s good earth. I started the drawings in the final days of January finished in just under three weeks (working obsessively and barely sleeping.) I had it printed and brought it to the show in Honolulu in the hope of handing it to a bouncer to give to Ween. 

I was so shocked when Mickey emailed asking to publish it that I somehow viciously stabbed myself in the eye with my cell phone. I never expected for Ween to know who I was, let alone to have an opportunity for partnership with the guys I’ve practically worshipped since the moment Fat Lenny punched my lame ass to the floor. This project has brought me more joy and magic than I can begin to describe. Please grab a copy of the Ween Coloring Book for you and yours. They’re only 20 bucks- a very reasonable price for a limited edition book in which I have so lovingly and graphically drawn Ween naked.”

The book is now available through Chocodog records. You can order one through the link on the right!